How To Discover The Best Makeup Brushes For Cheap!

One of the questions we are asked most often by young women is how can I find the best makeup brushes for cheap on the market? In this article, we are going to be going over some things to be sure to look for when choosing a brush set as well as some of our recommendations that we are sure you will be able to take advantage of.

Lets start by taking some time to go over the main things to look for when picking out your makeup brush set before spending any money at all.

Hardy And Reliable

One of the main problems we hear about when choosing cheap cosmetic and makeup brushes is that they often wear out very quickly. Although, to some extent at least, this is to be expected as the products are relatively cheap when compared to some of the more higher ticket items on the market, it would be nice to know that even a cheap makeup brush will last you 6-9 month at least.

Over the years, we have found that the majority of the well known brands make products that will last the test of time. Some of them last longer than others but we have found that brands like Rimmel, Revlon and Mary Kay all offer cheap makeup brushes that are of good quality and should last the owner six months to a year of use.

How to discover the best makeup brushes for cheap!

Ease Of Use

Another complaint we have often seen from people using cheaper quality products is that to keep costs low on the product, the manufacturer cut costs on the design. This can often make it difficult to use the makeup brushes effectively or get the look you want when applying your make up, especially if you are doing it in a rush.

Again, we have always found that the popular makeup brands usually reduce their costs on their lower ticket items by using different materials in the makeup brush itself rather than changing the design when compared to an item from their more expensive ranges. Thankfully, we have found that the best makeup brushes for cheap is usually by Rimmel or Revlon as even their cheaper end items are easy to use while not breaking the bank.

Brush Cleaning

If you want your makeup brush to last a long time then you are going to have to clean it from time to time. This helps ensure the brush will last longer as well are remove old makeup from the brush and allow you to quickly and cleanly apply your make up the next time you use the brush. Although the reliability of the brush after cleaning also relies on you using a high quality cleaning solution, again, we have found the makeup brushes offered by the larger makeup companies are the best to use.

They are usually put together to a high standard while also being cheap meaning the brush will not fall apart during cleaning allowing you to reuse the brush to apply your makeup time and time again.

Harshness Of The Brush

When applying makeup with a brush, it is desirable to have a brush with soft whiskers that will be kind to your skin, not a hard brush that is harsh and may cause inflammation. Unfortunately, many beauty companies out there often skimp so much on materials for their best makeup brushes for cheap that you end up with a harsh brush that may even scratch your skin when you apply your make up.

It is important to read the reviews from other buyers on sites such as Amazon to see if anyone has left feedback commenting on how the brush effected their skin. A nice fine, course makeup brush for cheap can be a valuable asset to and girls makeup kit.

Just like our previous points, we have found that only purchasing your makeup brushes from high end well known cosmetic companies is the way to go. They tent to stick to all required regulations for their products ensuring a better all round cheap makeup brush. On the flip side, they also need to try to protect their brand name by providing their customers with the best brush possible as cheap as possible to avoid any bad headlines in the media or even lawsuits.

Size Of The Brush

Although most of the cheap makeup brushes we have seen are relatively small and around the size most people would expect for such a product, there are some that are either too small or too large to fit within your makeup bag. Although some people prefer to have different sized makeup brushes to serve a wide range of purposes, we have found that the majority of cheap makeup brushes we have seen are the size you would expect.

Ease Of Replacement

Although the vast majority of people out there will simply buy a new makeup brush if the first one they buy is damaged or not fit for purpose, there are a small number of people who prefer to use the manufactures returns policy as a way to get their new brush.

If you purchase your product from a site such as amazon, you can rest assured you are protected and can easily return the item for a replacement or a full refund. The vast majority of cosmetic or department stores will also offer you a replacement makeup brush, store credit or a full refund provided you still have the receipt from your purchase. The majority of companies are operated in countries where it is required by law to provide a full refund to a customer who receives a damaged product too.

Onto Our Recommended Best Makeup Brushes For Cheap Now!

Although the market is flooded with various cosmetic and makeup brushes that are cheap, we have selected a few of what we feel are the best products available on the market that our readers can purchase while feeling totally confident that they are getting a product that is well worth their hard earned cash.

Makeup Brush Set, USpicy 32 Pieces Professional Makeup Brushes Essential Cosmetics With Case

First up, we have the USpicy 32 part makeup brush set. It retails for around $20 depending on where you order the brush set from and can often be found with free delivery if you use a site like amazon. As it has 32 brushes as well as a case you can feel confident your purchase will help prepare you for all of your makeup needs.

The brushes are of a high quality allowing for an extremely smooth application of your makeup while coming in a stylish box to store everything in a convenient place. It is an excellent cheap makeup brush set for all types of makeup and makeup techniques including the application of blush, eye shadow and highlighter while also being efficient in the techniques of shading, contouring and blending.

Its high quality travel makeup pouch that is included in the price ensures you are able to quickly and easily put the full brush set into your bag for quick and easy transportation to meet your makeup needs while on the go.

The brushes all have a soft, smooth, silky hair that is perfect for the application of makeup and will not leave your skin inflamed or scratched from use. There are a number of makeup artists and professional cosmetic designers using the brush set but it is also an ideal set of makeup brushes for cheap that is useful to any amateur.

The brush set also included a standard 12 month warranty in the purchase with 24 hour a day customer service incase you have any problems with your purchase. This is why we feel that the Spicy makeup set is one of the best makeup brushes for cheap available on the market today.

BS Mall Makeup Brushes

Next up, we have the BS Mall makeup brush set that includes a large number of brushes for a wide number of uses. Again, depending on where you purchase your makeup set, it will retail from Ten to Thirty dollars depending on promotions and sales. The brashest comes with a 100% no questions asked money back guarantee if your makeup brushes are damaged or not suitable after your purchase.

The hairs on the brush set are soft with a silky feel making it quick and easy to apply your favourite makeup while knowing you are not damaging your skin and risking scrapes or inflammation.

Although the handles of the brushes vary depending on the intended use of that particular brush. They are all easy to hold and control while applying your makeup ensuring you get the perfect look every time.

Although they do come in their standard retail box, they do not have a travel bag included but this should not be a problem for you if you already have a small makeup bag to store these brushes in. This is why we feel the BS Mall makeup brush set is an ideal second choice for anyone looking for a cheap set of makeup brushes.

The best makeup brushes for cheap on the market we were able to find!

Anjou Makeup Brush Set

Next up we have a brush set from the brand Anjou. It retails around the $20 mark depending where you order it from and is also available with free shipping from multiple vendors. It contains Seven larger brushes for the application of makeup as well as Nine precision brushes to perfect your look.

It is perfect for any amateur level makeup artists or for applying makeup to yourself with precision brushes for eye shadow, eye brows and lips. The brush hairs are cruelty free meaning no animal was harmed in the creation of the makeup brushes as they are made up of a synthetic fiber that is extremely soft and easy on the skin. It will not scratch your skin during use or cause any inflammation or swelling as some cheap brushes can.

They are extremely easy to clean, even if you only use water to dampen your brush hairs rather than a specific makeup removal or cleaning product. There are no visible reports of the brush hairs falling out during cleaning or the textures of the brushes degrading over time during cleaning.

They have a chic rose gold design with black handles give the brush set a stylish, fashionable look. That is why we feel the Anjou makeup brushes are an ideal cheap first purchase for any aspiring makeup artist who wants the best bang for their buck.

Conclusion For Choosing A Cheap Makeup Brush Set

We hope this article has helped highlight what you should be looking for when choosing your cheap makeup brush set, even if you are an amateur makeup artist or require the product to apply makeup to yourself.

The three products we have suggested are solid investments to your makeup kit, each with hundreds of reviews on Amazon averaging over four stars. Although cheap, they are a good addition to your makeup kit and will ensure you are able to apply your makeup efficiently without the need to spend too much money on your equipment.

All the recommended products also come with a full money back guarantee so if you are not happy with your purchase then you are able to return it and get your money back with no problems at all.