The Best Low Light Cameras Available!

Surely, there are numerous of cameras with great features that are available for professional as well as beginners. Not all of these amazing cameras are good enough for taking photos in low light conditions. Some models of digital cameras are made to perfection when it comes to capturing subjects in dim light. As photography is all about taking images in relevant light situations so that’s why it could be challenging for enthusiasts while capturing shots in low light. Many people believe that good low light capabilities of a camera are only required for capturing skies at night or concerts and functions like that, but this capability of the camera is necessary for all type of shooting.

This article is going to help you a lot if you have serious interest in photography. Let us go through the list of best low light cameras:

Nikon D5, undoubtedly, it is pricey but you can not deny that this full-frame camera is the best low light camera available in markets. There is no match for this camera when it comes to taking clear and sharp photographs in dim light conditions. This camera is capable of capturing at the maximum ISO of up to 3,280,000. Not only that, it has the 20.8 MP-sensor for taking some great shots. Its potential to shoot images at speed of up to 14 FPS is commendable. So if you are looking to spend money on something worth it, then surely Nikon D5 is the right choice!

If you don’t have the budget to buy expensive DSLRs like D5, then Canon 5D Mark III is here for you. Your need to capture photos in low light could be satisfied by this camera as it performs exceptionally well in almost every condition of light. Although it doesn’t have the high ISO capabilities like the one seen in Nikon D5 but it is efficient enough to take sharper and clearer images in dark. It comes with the price that is affordable by those who have a knack for night-time photography. In this way, this camera ranks the list at number 2 depending on its affordability and capability to take matchless images in low light.

Looking for something that satisfies not only your pocket but also your passion for photography? So here is Sony a6300. It is a crop sensor mirrorless camera. This camera is built for those who want to snap everything around them. It takes the finest shots in low light as well as in lit conditions. If you don’t want to haul around the streets carrying a heavy DSLR, then a6300 is the right pick. It performs dynamically with the assistance of interchangeable lenses. Sony a6300 is the perfect option for photographers who are searching for an affordable mirrorless APS-C camera for low light conditions.

Another great crop sensor DSLR includes the Canon 7D Mark II which performs amazingly in low light conditions. It is designed for sports, travel and wildlife photographers. With astounding autofocus, it is the best low light camera available in the market for you. It has the skill to take the perfect images that are high-quality with well-defined resolution.